AI Unleashed

Speaker Lineup

July 18, 2024
In-Person Only


Founder at AI Growth Ops

SESSION: AI Reimagined: How Generative Technologies are Redefining Product Development

Sarah Woodward stands out as a seasoned professional in growth strategy, having launched numerous products, startups, and new corporate ventures. Her career shines with her knack for spotting opportunities and turning them into groundbreaking business models, compelling campaigns, and innovative product and service offerings that strengthen brand positioning. 

In her latest venture, Sarah is channeling her extensive experience into pioneering AI growth operations for busy founders and solopreneurs. Inspired by her experience working with innovative founders, Sarah is determined to democratize access to opportunities, leveraging AI sales and marketing operations to empower businesses and individuals to reach new growth objectives. Sarah is not just leading transformations; she’s redefining what it means to grow and succeed in the digital age.

Having led several consulting firms and digital agencies, Sarah skillfully navigates client needs and market shifts, pioneering new ventures, products, services, and go-to-market strategies. She thrives on redefining problem-solving with both efficiency and creativity. Her extensive skill set spans strategy, public relations, marketing, sales, product development, and client engagement, establishing her as an invaluable ally to global enterprises and nascent startups. Her portfolio features collaborations with distinguished clients such as Mailchimp, BMW GROUP, Nationwide Insurance, The Coca-Cola Company, The Fox Theater, Cummins Engines, and many more.

Her contributions have garnered her accolades like being named a “Mobile Woman to Watch” by Mobile Marketer Magazine and one of the “5 Inspiring Women In Tech To Watch In Atlanta.” Sarah’s hands-on approach to strategy and leadership continues to shape the tech and business sectors, affirming her status as a pivotal figure in growth strategy and AI transformation.