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Sponsoring Product Coffee Local Product Forums

We keep our events intimate and impactful by offering a limited number of speaking spots to our sponsors. At each forum, we have just six sponsored speaking opportunities – three 15-minute “short talk” slots, a 30-minute keynote, the chance to lead a group exercise for 60 minutes, and a 30-minute panel moderation spot.

These exclusive speaking opportunities are reserved for our Gold, Platinum, and Title sponsors. Each of these sponsorship tiers also includes exhibit space and complimentary passes, providing ample opportunity for networking and exposure. To learn more about the details and benefits associated with each sponsorship level, please complete the form below to request our sponsorship brochure.

Speaking or Presenting for Sponsors

For the most compelling and genuine storytelling, we encourage our sponsors to consider including a client-side speaker in their presentation. This could be a client you’ve collaborated with, a professional speaker, an author, or a charismatic representative from your organization. Sharing real-world case studies and stories of how your offerings have enhanced products can significantly elevate audience interest and credibility.

Although we prefer to maintain a non-selling atmosphere on stage, we do encourage sponsored speakers to extend an invitation to attendees to meet them at their exhibit space post-presentation. This can be a perfect opportunity for further discussion, product demos, free trials, prize draws, and more. It’s all about creating meaningful connections while adding value to the forum experience.

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