Seeking Inspiring Speakers

Calling professionals working at the intersection of product and AI

We’re gathering a diverse group of leaders across industries, asking them to share their perspectives on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their respective fields. The individuals selected will have a wealth of experience in applying AI across product, brand, strategy, and marketing.

The forum is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2024 in Atlanta at The Brass Tap in Dunwoody

“Enlighten our audience with your observations, insights, and experiences.”

Whether you’re a professional working in AI, an expert in your industry, or an innovator with unique perspectives on how AI is shaping the future of products and product innovation, we’re eager to hear from you!

For more session information, please see the session guidelines for each of the formats below. Selected speakers and panelists will receive:

  • One complimentary ticket to the event
  • A discount code to share with your network

Apply to give a short talk, participate in a panel discussion, conduct a workshop, or deliver a keynote address, by completing the application form below with your details and proposed session topic.

Our team will review all applications and get in touch with shortlisted applicants as soon as possible.

Our attendees are eager to hear innovative ideas and current experiences from those who are at the forefront of product, marketing, and AI integration.

  • All speaker proposals for the “AI Unleashed” forum must be submitted using the form provided.

  • Feel free to submit multiple topics. These should be related to Artificial Intelligence, developing go-to-market strategies for AI-powered products, leveraging AI for decision-making, or other AI-related aspects of business today .

  • Your topic title should be clear, concise, and represent the essence of your talk.

    For example, “Building Product Strategy with AI” or “Incorporating AI-Powered Design into Product Marketing Workflows”

  • Speaker selection will be guided by our advisory board. The selection will be based on these and other criteria:

    • Relevance of the topic to the current moment in AI

    • Diversity of companies represented (both large and small)

    • Diverse demographics of speakers

    • Diverse industry experience

    • Proficiency in storytelling

  • We prohibit any sales pitch or product promotion during your talk unless you are a sponsor. For information on sponsored speaking options, please contact us.

  • Selected speaker candidates must participate in a virtual meeting with one of the organizers prior to being approved as a speaker.

  • Due to the high volume of proposals we receive, speaker candidates who are not selected may not be notified. However, we keep all proposals on file to be considered for future events.


Short Talk

Our short talk format is an engaging and impactful way to share your knowledge and insights. These talks, similar in style to those of well-known idea-sharing platforms, should be approximately 15-20 minutes long, allowing you to present a focused, compelling narrative on a case study, technology, or specific topic related to AI in Product Development, Management, Design, Innovation or Marketing.


Ideal short talks are characterized by:

  1. Conciseness: With a time limit of 20 minutes, these talks should be concise and straight to the point. Your message should be clear, compelling, and easy to understand.

  2. Storytelling: Utilize the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience. Share personal experiences, case studies, or real-life examples to make your point more relatable.

  3. Insightfulness: The best short talks often offer a fresh perspective or a unique insight into a common issue. Aim to challenge the audience’s thinking and inspire them to see things from a new angle.

  4. Actionable Takeaways: Leave the audience with practical, actionable takeaways. These could be strategies, tips, or steps that they can implement in their own work.

  5. Engaging Visuals: Use compelling visuals to support your talk. This could include slides, images, videos, or props that help illustrate your points and keep the audience engaged.

Remember, the goal of your short talk is not only to inform but also to inspire and provoke thought among the audience. We’re excited to hear your unique insights on AI!



Our interactive workshop format is designed to foster a dynamic, hands-on learning environment and is aimed at providing a deep dive into AI’s impact on business today. These workshops can be up to 90 minutes in length, although a 60-minute duration is preferred.


Key elements of a successful interactive workshop include:

  1. Practical Focus: Center your workshop around imparting specific, practical skills or knowledge. Whether it’s teaching a unique AI technique, demonstrating a novel tool, or exploring an AI application in a real-world context, practicality should be at the core of your session.

  2. Interactivity: Facilitate active participation from attendees. This can be achieved through group discussions, hands-on exercises, live demonstrations, or problem-solving activities.

  3. Clear Learning Outcomes: Identify clear, actionable learning outcomes for your workshop. Attendees should depart with new skills, knowledge, or insights that can be immediately applied to their professional roles.

  4. Engaging Structure: Maintain attendee engagement by creating a structured, yet flexible workshop agenda. This should feature a blend of instruction, demonstration, discussion, and hands-on practice.

  5. Supportive Materials: Consider providing resources to bolster your workshop’s learning objectives. This could encompass handouts, digital content, or toolkits that participants can utilize during the workshop and in their subsequent work.

The primary objective of your workshop should be to stimulate active learning, empowering attendees to leverage the insights and skills acquired in their own position or practice. We eagerly anticipate your innovative and interactive proposals!



Our 30-minute keynote format provides a platform for thought leaders to delve deeper into the philosophical, theoretical, and future-oriented aspects of AI across product, brand, strategy, and marketing. With a broader time frame, speakers can explore complex ideas, emerging trends, and visionary thoughts in a comprehensive manner.


Key characteristics of a successful keynote include:

  1. In-Depth Analysis: Use the extended time frame to explore your topic in depth. This could involve dissecting complex theories, discussing emerging trends, or analyzing the potential implications of AI in across product, brand, strategy, and marketing.

  2. Thought-Provoking Ideas: Keynotes should challenge the status quo and push boundaries. Share forward-looking insights, predictions, or hypotheses that will stimulate debate and provoke thought among the audience.

  3. Inspiring Narrative: Craft a narrative that inspires and motivates. A successful keynote often weaves together data, research, personal anecdotes, and storytelling to create a compelling and inspirational narrative.

  4. Engaging Delivery: With a longer talk, engagement is key. Ensure your delivery is dynamic and engaging, using a mix of tones, pacing, and interactive elements to keep the audience invested throughout.

  5. Visionary Thinking: Keynotes are the perfect platform to share your vision for the future. Whether it’s a philosophical exploration of AI’s role in society or a theoretical prediction about AI’s impact on product management, we want to hear your visionary ideas.

Remember, the goal of your keynote is to inspire the audience and challenge their thinking, offering them a glimpse into the future of AI. We look forward to hearing your thought-provoking insights!



Our panel discussions serve as a platform for engaging, thought-provoking dialogue on various aspects of AI across product, brand, strategy, and marketing. These sessions run approximately 30 minutes and feature multiple experts sharing their diverse perspectives on a specific topic.


Key attributes of a successful panel discussion include:

  1. Expertise: As a panelist or moderator, you should have a deep understanding of your proposed topic. Highlight your relevant experience, insights, and why you are uniquely positioned to contribute to the discussion.

  2. Dynamic Discussion: Panel discussions should be lively and engaging, encouraging a variety of perspectives and thought-provoking dialogue. As a panelist, you should be prepared to articulate your views clearly and respectfully challenge or expand upon the perspectives of others.

  3. Topic Proposal: You can propose a specific topic for a panel and suggest other panelists, or you can apply as a panelist at large, indicating the topics you would be interested in discussing. Make sure your topic is relevant, timely, and of interest to product, brand, strategy, and marketing professionals.

  4. Moderation Skills: If applying as a moderator, demonstrate your ability to guide the discussion, manage time effectively, and ensure all panelists get a chance to contribute.

Remember, the goal of the panel discussion is to provide attendees with a range of insights and viewpoints on a particular subject. We are excited to hear your topic ideas and have you contribute to the rich dialogue at our event!