AI Unleashed

Navigating the New Frontier in Product Innovation

July 18, 2024
In-Person Only

In an era where AI is not just an advancement but a revolution, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for product management professionals. The rapid acceleration of AI technologies, especially in the realm of product innovation, demands a deep, practical understanding to harness its potential fully. It’s about turning the most disruptive force of our time into our greatest ally.

This exclusive forum, “AI Unleashed: Navigating the New Frontier in Product Innovation,” is meticulously crafted for product leaders, influential contributors, innovators, and founders within the startup ecosystem. Our aim is to cultivate a rich, interactive environment that not only broadens your technological horizons but also sharpens your strategic edge.

Embark on a full-day journey through meticulously selected case studies, live demonstrations, and engaging discussions, all designed to elevate your AI literacy. More than just understanding the “how” and “what,” it’s about exploring the “why” and “where” AI can lead us in product development and market solutions.

Beyond the acquisition of knowledge, this forum is a unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals. It’s a space to expand your personal and professional framework, leveraging collective intelligence to uncover new opportunities and pathways in AI-driven innovation.

Join us to shape the future of product innovation, building a bridge between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s solutions. Together, let’s turn the tide of AI into a wave of opportunities for our careers and the products we passionately craft.

Speaker Highlight


Founder at AI Growth Ops


Chief Product Officer at CallRail


VP of AI Product at Cherre